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If you are looking to add to your CMMC compliance program some of these Microsoft resources may be helpful!

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Accelerating CMMC compliance for Microsoft cloud (in depth review)
Updated! Microsoft CMMC Acceleration Program Update – January 2021
History of Microsoft Cloud Service Offerings leading to the US Sovereign Cloud for Government (This One)
Gold Standard! Understanding Compliance Between Microsoft 365 Commercial, GCC, GCC-High and DoD Offerings
The Microsoft 365 Government (GCC High) Conundrum – DIB Data Enclave vs Going All In
Microsoft US Sovereign Cloud Myth Busters – A Global Address List (GAL) Can Span Multiple Tenants
Microsoft US Sovereign Cloud Myth Busters – A Single Domain Should Not Span Multiple Tenants
Microsoft US Sovereign Cloud Myth Busters – Active Directory Does Not Require Restructuring
Microsoft US Sovereign Cloud Myth Busters – CUI Effectively Requires Data Sovereignty
Microsoft expands qualification of contractors for government cloud offerings
Support for DFARS in Azure Commercial
Support for DFARS in Microsoft 365 Government (GCC)


If you are interested in a workgroup/working with Microsoft Purview formally known as Compliance Manager? We've started investigating use cases for CMMC and working on an MSP stack for CMMC.

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Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager is a feature in the Microsoft Purview compliance portal that helps you manage your organization’s compliance requirements with greater ease and convenience. Compliance Manager can help you throughout your compliance journey, from taking inventory of your data protection risks to managing the complexities of implementing controls, staying current with regulations and certifications, and reporting to auditors.

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