Introducing Compliance Scorecard: The SaaS Governance Program for MSPs.

Imagine compliance without the headaches, the scattered files, the outdated documents, the resource-intensive upkeep, the cumbersome permissions. We did, and the result is Compliance Scorecard, a governance as a service (GaaS) platform, designed for compliance excellence. Compliance Scorecard simplifies policy management for MSPs, enabling them to stay current with regulations and reducing the risks associated with policy maintenance, ultimately ensuring compliance.

Compliance Scorecard has a Scorecard designed just for you.

policy scorecard


Streamline your policy and procedure management effortlessly with our Policy Scorecard. It's crafted to enhance clarity, minimize risk, and ensure your compliance efforts are consistently aligned with your industry's specific needs.

Assessment Scorecard


Evaluate and enhance your compliance stance with our Assessment Scorecard. Designed to provide thorough insights into your compliance status, it helps you identify and address areas for improvement to meet industry-specific standards.

Asset Scorecard


Track, manage, and approve assets with your client. The Asset Scorecard involves your customer in the asset management governance process, allowing them to identify and authorize their assets.

Risk Matrix Scorecard

Risk Matrix

Assess and categorize your compliance-related risks with the Risk Matrix Scorecard, a tool that maps the likelihood of risks against their potential severity to highlight areas needing immediate attention, thus aiding in more informed decision-making and risk management.

Insurance Scorecard


Fast-track your client's cyber insurance application with a direct connection to FifthWall Solutions’ Lord of the Apps (LOTA) intake form inside our platform. Get 99% accurate eligibility across 45+ carriers—all in one place.

WISP Scorecard


Auto-generate a Written Information Security Policy (WISP) from your approved policies and procedures, complete with version control. The approved policy is published to your knowledge base, ensuring your compliance documents are up to date, accessible and organized.

Adam Walte

“Compliance Scorecard is the one tool I have seen that makes risk management achievable for clients and technical providers. Managed compliance is a staple for MSPs and Compliance Scorecard is necessary for delivering this service with confidence.”

Adam Walte | President, Humanize IT

With Compliance Scorecard, getting started with a governance plan is as easy as…

Step 1

Start with a compliance analysis and a plan

Start with a risk assessment to determine your risk exposure and prioritize procedures that follow a risk framework.

Step 2

Get a roadmap for ongoing compliance

Quickly and efficiently roll out policies and procedures to guide your clients down a compliance road.

Step 3

Stay on track with governance and automation

Track your compliance efforts in one easy-to-use platform.

See Compliance Scorecard in action

We know what it takes to make compliance ‘business as usual’

What compliance challenge makes you want to scream? Is it digging for documents in a dark SharePoint corner? Trying to keep files up to date? Battling access issues to get the right permissions? Whatever it is, we built Compliance Scorecard to untangle the compliance mess with the help of flawless asset governance, risk assessments, and policy management. Our governance as a service (GaaS) platform leaves little room for missteps. With everything in a single place, you can rest assured your policies are Aligned, Authorized, Adopted, and Assessed. It’s compliance, made hassle-free.

ensures policies and procedures align with your client’s overall business objectives.

This step involves aligning your policies and procedures with your organization's strategic goals and objectives. It's essential to make sure that your governance practices support the overall mission of the organization. During the alignment phase, you identify how your policies can contribute to achieving your business objectives.

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gives clients the opportunity to review and authorize each document before moving forward.

Authorization is about gaining approval and buy-in from key stakeholders within your organization. This includes obtaining the necessary approvals, signatures, and permissions to implement your policies and procedures. It ensures that your policies are recognized and accepted at all levels of the organization.

encourages a culture of compliance within the clients’ organizations.

After receiving authorization, the next step is to ensure that your policies and procedures are adopted and implemented effectively throughout the organization. This involves communication, training, and making the necessary resources available to employees. Adoption ensures that everyone is aware of and follows the established policies.

ensures that documents remain up-to-date, relevant, and compliant.

Assessment is the ongoing process of evaluating and measuring the effectiveness of your policies and procedures. Regular assessments help identify areas where compliance may be lacking or where policies need adjustments. It also helps in monitoring progress and ensuring that your policies continue to align with your organization's goals.

Compliance Scorecard is built for confidence and efficiency.

Adhere to the new NIST governance domain

Designed from the ground up to adhere and adapt to the highest standards in the industry, Compliance Scorecard goes beyond mere policy storage or simple documentation. It’s a scalable solution that engages in active governance, ensuring policies, risk assessments, and assets are not just created but followed, reviewed, and updated as needed.

Take the pain out of documentation.

Policy Scorecard transforms the daunting task of documentation into a seamless, user-friendly experience for MSPs and their clients. Our platform crafts tailored content, offering clear guidance, templates, and tools that minimize manual processes for maximized operational efficiency. With compliance made easy, you enjoy more time for other critical tasks.

Our Policy Packs give you and your clients compliance confidence.

Whether you’re navigating the intricacies of cyber insurance or aligning with regulated standards, our Compliance Scorecard Policy Packs are organized into risk frameworks and individual scorecards for pinpoint accuracy. The Policy Packs outline the crucial policies and procedures you need to make decisions related to security, compliance, and ethics. With tailored packs for your industry—finance, healthcare, finance, defense, and more—you can ensure compliance and minimize risk.

Compliance Scorecard is your complete governance toolbox.

  • Compliance document management for FTC, NIST, HIPAA, CMMC
  • Policy process management
  • Centralized document management
  • Customized policy creation
  • SaaS-based multi-tenant solution
  • Policy tracking and revision Control
  • Baseline library policies for your clients
  • Bring your own documents
  • Shareable knowledge base
  • Cyber insurance documentation
  • Asset governance
  • Write once, deploy to all clients
  • End-user policy training and adoption
  • E-signature tracking
  • Audit and change-control logging
  • User/Role-based credentials
  • Client-facing portal
  • Multiple Integrations
  • Bring your PSA APIs and SDKs for custom connections
  • Policy Packs for HIPAA, FTC Safeguard, NIST, CSF CMMC/800-171, CIS
  • Risk assessment
  • Vendor due diligence
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Want to see how Compliance Scorecard can make you a compliance superstar?

Make compliance simple. Your clients will thank you.