How to Maximize the power of LinkedIn, Establish yourself as the Cybersecurity Go-to, and Gain more clients

Join Dana Mantilia

As we talk about How to Maximize the power of LinkedIn, Establish yourself as the Cybersecurity Go-to, and Gain more clients

During this session Dana will provide valuable questions to ask yourself regarding your current online presence.
She will offer tips and ideas on how to get more visibility, talk about the importance of a good Business profile page and review the methodology of her #CyberSocial program.

This is not a sales pitch but rather an eye opener that there is a huge opportunity for whoever wants to be a leader, shine on line and especially on LinkedIn.

Look around, your competitors are not doing it, YET!
They will be. now is the time to get a jump start on” future proofing” your business and establishing yourself as the go to cybersecurity Guru!

Speaker Bio:

Dana Mantilia has been working with IT and Cybersecurity organizations to help them gain more online visibility and craft marketing messaging in a language that non-technical potential clients can understand.

She currently has 3.5 Million LinkedIn content views and over 750K YouTube video views.

She hosts a YouTube channel where she provides educational content (with cybersecurity professionals) for the DIB regarding CMMC. She also  provides content geared towards private sector business owners to help them lean more about the importance of cybersecurity.

Knowing that the need for cybersecurity will explode over the next few years, Dana believes that “now” is the time to build an online presence and establish yourself as an authority in the cybersecurity space.

When Clients finally decide to take cybersecurity seriously,  MSP, MSSP and cybersecurity teams that act now will be at the forefront of the decision maker's mind when it comes to selecting a cybersecurity partner.

Her #CyberSocial program provides:

Identifying your best client niche

A promotional team leader interview

How to organically shine with a Google Business Profile Page

a 30 second commercial

Understanding of the LinkedIn algorithm

How to maximize your online visibility to gain prospects

1 years worth of  scroll stopping content
Check out her website

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