Building a Process-based Culture

Building a Process-based Culture -with Allen Edwards from Eureka Process

Documenting a process leads to a specific result. If the process is well written, it will lead to a consistently positive result. Moreover, the rest of the team can follow it and reproduce your desired results. Note that all businesses already have a process, even if it’s not in writing. You teach a new team member how to reset a password using a series of actions that lead to a particular result. They can follow the process without documentation. Undocumented processes may be efficient with a small team. However, you risk Leaky Bucket Syndrome (LBS) every time you grow. LBS is the tendency to lose some knowledge as each person passes on their learning to another.

Allen Edwards is an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, and author with a keen interest in business. He is the founder and CEO of Eureka Process & MSP Hire. Eureka Process is a leading consultancy firm helping IT businesses optimize their operations and achieve substantial growth. MSP Hire is an IT recruiting and screening firm focused on MSPs. Edwards obtained his first IT job before starting and receiving his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Within six years he had moved from entry-level PC builder to networking manager, before founding his own IT firm. His business went through a successful sale ten years later after which he led two other IT firms. With his knowledge and expertise, Allen founded Eureka Process in 2017 to provide comprehensive business consulting services to IT firms. Over the years, he and his team have helped 100s of IT firms across the world achieve significant improvements in productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Allen is known to be a skilled and passionate communicator and he believes in fostering strong relationships to help everyone achieve their objectives. In addition to his work at Eureka Process, Allen is an active member of the local and IT communities. He regularly speaks at conferences and events on topics related to entrepreneurship and leadership.

Allen enjoys traveling, skiing, mounting biking, scuba diving, and running with his wife. He also enjoys video games without her.

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