Version 2 of the National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan

The Biden-⁠Harris Administration just unveiled Version 2 of the National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan (NCSIP) Mon May 07, 2024. This latest release of the plan marks the evolution of the NCSIP, expanding on its initial release in July 2023. NCSIP Version 2 outlines 100 impactful initiatives that demand executive attention and cross-agency collaboration, highlighting the Federal Government's efforts to realize the Strategy's goals.

Why Should MSPs Care?

The plan encourages MSPs to adopt secure-by-design principles and deepen collaboration with the tech sector to fortify cybersecurity defenses.  The Strategy involves two fundamental shifts in cyberspace: rebalancing the responsibility to defend cyberspace onto more capable actors; and realigning incentives to favor long-term investments in cybersecurity and resilience.  The NCSIP Version 2 describes 100 high-impact initiatives requiring executive visibility and interagency coordination that the Federal Government is pursuing to achieve the Strategy’s objectives.

Deepen Collaboration to Deliver Better Infrastructure
The V2 plan emphasizes enhancing operational and strategic collaborations between hardware, software, and managed service sectors. It's all about transforming your cybersecurity posture for better security and resilience!

Create More Resiliency Via Secure-by-Design Principles
Version 2 encourages MSPs to embrace and integrate secure-by-design and secure-by-default “Zero Trust” principles. Adopting a Zero Trust approach has been shown to help prevent data breaches.

Identify Security Risk Barriers & Take Corrective Action
MSPs are tasked to pinpoint and tackle barriers that prevent the adoption of secure practices. A good recommendation is for MSPs to begin with a framework, identify gaps and develop a roadmap for mitigating risk.

Public-Private Partnerships to Help Ensure Better Vigilance
Engage in transparent and productive public-private partnerships to address any gaps between MSP current policies and secure-by-design principles. Work alongside your clients to help them understand the risks we all face.

Working alongside Center for Internet Security and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) the MSP community and their clients can begin to build a more defensible infrastructure.

Read Version 2 of the NCSIP here, which outlines the next phase of actions necessary to implement the Biden Administration Strategy and further improve U.S. national cybersecurity posture.

View the National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan.

To find out more about the first set of strategic objectives described in the initial NCSIP, review the Strategy published in July 2023 here:

NCSIP Version 1

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