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We make compliance your way of doing business, not just a reaction to an audit or event. With insights and solutions tailored to MSPs, Compliance Scorecard streamlines everything from the governance management process to risk assessments and asset governance to help you meet the ever-changing compliance standards. Imagine the complexity of policy drafting, implementation, and end-user adoption—turned simple.

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Combine our Peer Group expertise with Compliance Scorecard and become a Compliance superstar.

Join Our Peer Group. It’s the first step on your compliance journey.

Stronger together—it applies to compliance too. Our compliance-focused Peer Group for MSPs allows you to confidently navigate the acronyms and regulatory minutiae that are so challenging to handle alone. By tapping into the institutional knowledge of your peers, you can stay ahead of regulators and client demands. Leverage:

  • Weekly peer governance, risk and compliance (GRC) accountability calls
  • Live Expert GRC Workshops to Gain actionable GRC insights in interactive, expert-led weekly Zoom sessions.
  • Get real-time learning and growth.
  • Immediate Application: Leave each session with strategies ready for implementation in your MSP.
  • Leader and Peer support, wherever you are on your compliance journey
  • Private Member Dashboard
  • Custom Training Courses
  • Access to private #SLACK channel
  • Curated Cybersecurity Resources

Use Compliance Scorecard to build a solid compliance program.

This governance as a service (GaaS) platform takes the challenge out of policy management, asset governance, and risk assessments. With a centralized repository for attesting, managing, and governing every piece of documentation that matters to compliance, it turns MSPs into governance pros. Take advantage of capabilities, such as:

  • Swift adherence to operational standards for companies in both regulated and non-regulated industries
  • Simplified compliance process
  • Streamlined policy lifecycle management
  • Customized policy creation
  • Robust policy tracking and revision control
  • Complete policy process management for FTC, CMMC, NIST, HIPAA, CIS, and more
  • Multiple integrations
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Compliance Scorecard: The easy way to implement a Governance as a Service solution.

Compliance doesn’t have to be a beast and Compliance Scorecard proves it. Our governance as a service (GaaS) platform empowers MSPs to turn compliance chaos into compliance bliss. Free from the usual headaches of Sharepoint where documents go to die, Compliance Scorecard redefines policy management. From keeping up with regulations to reducing risks associated with policy maintenance, you check every box with ease. Let your road to compliance be paved with peace of mind.

The four A's of a perfect process:

Alignment, Authorization, Adoption, and Assessment — is our framework used in the context of governance and compliance management. It helps organizations ensure that their policies and procedures, risk assessments and risk management are effectively implemented and followed.

ensures policies and procedures align with your client’s overall business objectives.

This step involves aligning your policies and procedures with your organization's strategic goals and objectives. It's essential to make sure that your governance practices support the overall mission of the organization. During the alignment phase, you identify how your policies can contribute to achieving your business objectives.

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gives clients the opportunity to review and authorize each document before moving forward.

Authorization is about gaining approval and buy-in from key stakeholders within your organization. This includes obtaining the necessary approvals, signatures, and permissions to implement your policies and procedures. It ensures that your policies are recognized and accepted at all levels of the organization.

encourages a culture of compliance within the clients’ organizations.

After receiving authorization, the next step is to ensure that your policies and procedures are adopted and implemented effectively throughout the organization. This involves communication, training, and making the necessary resources available to employees. Adoption ensures that everyone is aware of and follows the established policies.

ensures that documents remain up-to-date, relevant, and compliant.

Assessment is the ongoing process of evaluating and measuring the effectiveness of your policies and procedures. Regular assessments help identify areas where compliance may be lacking or where policies need adjustments. It also helps in monitoring progress and ensuring that your policies continue to align with your organization's goals.

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“Compliance Scorecard allows our partner community to address a huge gap in the GRC space which is the simplicity of ensuring customers can meet compliance requirements. With the current trend pushing more customers to outsource this expertise, our partners need a scalable and effective solution and the team at Compliance Scorecard have provided just that.”

Craig Sandman | CEO of Symbol Security

Follow the compliance path to double your revenue and client trust.

The road to compliance superstardom starts with conquering regulatory complexity with ease. Compliance Scorecard is the governance toolkit every MSP needs to make it happen. Equipped with risk assessments, compliance document management, policy tracking, Risk Matrix, risk register, plan of action milestone use, and more, you mitigate the risk of security gaps and non-compliance. With your own house in order, you can make your clients compliance superstars too. It’s a formula made for business success.

Strong Relationships

Build stronger client relationships

By providing clients with a clear view of their compliance status and working together to improve their compliance scores, MSPs can demonstrate their value as trusted partners.

Immediate Results

Get immediate results

By proactively identifying and mitigating compliance risks, MSPs can help their clients avoid costly and damaging incidents, proving they are invested in their clients’ success.

Ahead of the Curve

Stay ahead of the compliance curve

By helping their clients to achieve and maintain compliance, MSPs can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to repeat business and referrals.

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