Client Success

Client Success

Job Title:  Client Success On Target Earning:  $120,000+
Reports to:  CEO/Leadership Department:  Client Success
No capped commission

Position Overview

We are a fast-growing technology startup specializing in compliance solutions, and we are seeking a Client Success to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in compliance, governance, and risk management, combined with a proven track record of managing client relationships and driving customer success. As a self-starter with excellent communication skills, you will play a critical role in ensuring our clients achieve their compliance goals while fostering long-term relationships.

Key Responsibilities

  • Client Relationship Management: Build and maintain strong relationships with clients, acting as their primary point of contact and trusted advisor for compliance solutions.
  • Onboarding and Training: Oversee the onboarding process for new clients, ensuring they are effectively trained and able to utilize our solutions to their full potential.
  • Customer Support: Provide ongoing support and guidance to clients, addressing any issues or concerns promptly and effectively.
  • Strategy and Planning: Work with clients to develop and implement compliance strategies and roadmaps tailored to their specific needs.
  • Performance Monitoring: Regularly assess client satisfaction and solution effectiveness, proactively identifying opportunities for improvement and expansion.
  • Product Feedback: Collaborate with internal teams to provide client feedback, contributing to product development and enhancements.
  • Reporting: Prepare and deliver regular performance reports to clients, highlighting successes and areas for improvement.

Key Qualifications

  • Experience: Proven experience in compliance, governance, and risk management, ideally within a technology or consulting environment.
  • Client Management: Demonstrated ability to manage client relationships and drive customer success, preferably in a startup or fast-paced environment.
  • Technical Proficiency: Strong understanding of compliance technologies and tools, including familiarity with Microsoft Security technologies and SOC Technology Stack.
  • Problem Solving: Creative problem solver with a proactive approach to identifying and addressing client needs and risks.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to convey complex information clearly and concisely.
  • Self-Starter: Highly motivated and able to work independently, managing multiple clients and projects simultaneously.
  • Travel: Willingness to travel to tradeshows and in-person events as required.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIS)

· Client Contact Frequency:

  • Monthly Phone Contacts: Number of clients contacted by phone each month.
  • Quarterly Account Reviews: Completion rate of quarterly account reviews with clients.
  • Bi-weekly Check-in Participation: Percentage of clients participating in bi-weekly check-in calls.

· Onboarding Success:

  • Onboarding Completion Rate: Percentage of new clients who complete the onboarding process within 10 days.
  • Onboarding Session Attendance: Number of onboarding sessions conducted per new client.

· Customer Support Efficiency:

  • Support Ticket Resolution Time: Average time taken to resolve client support tickets.
  • First Response Time: Average time to first response for client inquiries and support requests.
  • Support Request Types: Breakdown of support requests by category (technical, platform-related, compliance-related, general inquiries).

· Client Satisfaction and Retention:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): Measurement of client loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT): Average satisfaction rating from clients.
  • Client Retention Rate: Percentage of clients retained over a specific period.

· Client Engagement and Usage:

  • Active Client Percentage: Percentage of clients actively using the platform on a regular basis.
  • Feature Utilization Rate: Usage rate of key platform features by clients.
  • Training Session Attendance: Number of clients attending ongoing training sessions and webinars.

· Performance Monitoring and Reporting:

  • Performance Report Timeliness: Percentage of performance reports delivered to clients on schedule.
  • Feedback Loop Effectiveness: Frequency and quality of feedback provided to internal teams, and implementation rate of suggested improvements.

· Product Feedback and Improvement:

  • Feedback Collection Rate: Number of client feedback instances collected per week.
  • Monthly Feedback Summaries: Completion rate of monthly feedback summaries and their impact on product development.

· Sales and Expansion:

  • Upsell/Cross-sell Rate: Percentage of existing clients who purchase additional services or upgrades.
  • Revenue Growth from Existing Clients: Increase in revenue generated from existing client base.
  • Client Account Growth: Number of clients expanding their usage or increasing their service levels.


  • Career Growth: Opportunities for professional development and career advancement in a dynamic startup environment.
  • Health Coverage: Employer-provided health insurance.
  • Financial Benefits: Competitive salary and bonus opportunities.
  • Work-Life Balance: Remote, unlimited time off after 90 days, and a supportive team culture.

How to Apply

If you are passionate about compliance and dedicated to helping clients succeed, we would love to hear from you. Please submit your resume and a cover letter detailing your relevant experience and why you are the perfect fit for this role Also include specific Client Success Stories that include a brief section or link to client success stories to illustrate the impact of the role.

MM slash DD slash YYYY

Many of our positions are base+ commission with a 40/60 split. OTE should reflect the total.
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