Strategic Partner  |  Auvik SaaS Management

Discover, monitor, manage and secure SaaS to eliminate Shadow IT

For Managed Service Providers who are challenged with managing and securing their clients' complex SaaS environments, Auvik SaaS Management is the solution that alleviates these challenges.

It moves MSPs from a reactive to a proactive stance, turning the frustrations of managing disparate SaaS applications and the fear of security breaches into confidence and control. By automating SaaS discovery and management, Auvik helps MSPs avoid the negative consequences of unmanaged Shadow IT and data vulnerabilities, leading to positive business outcomes like enhanced client satisfaction, stronger security postures, and streamlined operations. Auvik's tool empowers MSPs to not only satisfy their clients' current needs but also strategically align with their future goals, establishing themselves as indispensable IT partners.


Uncover, manage, and secure your clients’ SaaS ecosystems.