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Boost your clients’ security through cyber insurance

Are you losing too much time to client cyber insurance renewals? FifthWall Solutions' cybersecurity expertise and tailored insurance solutions have helped more than 1,100 Managed Service Providers with client cyber insurance woes. FifthWall’s MSP Partner Program opens the door to leading industry knowledge, improved end-client security, and the best pricing and coverage on the market.

What client success looks like

Adopt Risk Management Controls. When core controls are in place, your clients are eligible for comprehensive coverage from top-rated carriers.

Evaluate + Reduce Risk. By conveying the effectiveness of critical, enhanced, and preferred controls, your MSP takes client security to new heights.

Roadmap to More Controls. Enable an ongoing process of identifying, evaluating, and implementing more controls to address cybersecurity threats, improving client cybersecurity maturity.

Reduce headaches by using one cyber insurance intake to rule them all: LOTA

For MSPs onboarded with both Compliance Scorecard and our FifthWall Partner program, here’s what you can expect.

Key Benefits:

  • Leverage Compliance Score Data to complete LOTA
  • Gather the right security control information up front — The more security controls addressed, the more likely our brokers can present the best carrier option up front with up to 99% confidence of a bindable quote
  • Policy Review and Gap Analysis — we will review current and desired states among both coverage and controls to boost client cyber hygiene and improve coverage-to-premium ratios
  • Exclusive access to podcasts and webinars on industry insights and trends
  • Cyber Insurance Experts to answer your questions and concerns directly
  • Ongoing Training on how to discuss insurance with your clients

FifthWall Solutions accesses more than 45+ carriers with specific expertise in cyber and understanding the evolving risks and exposures. In 2022, the company introduced LOTA, a universal intake form to eliminate redundancies, simplify the process, and identify security controls most often needed to secure cyber insurance. FifthWall is currently helping its 1,100+ MSPs find success using LOTA.



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