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Start increasing your perceived value with customers with better conversations.

Many companies know us as the vendor with the cool unicorn shirts, and as many have discovered, we are so much more.

Humanize IT is a client communication tool built to create genuine human connections that will save you time and increase revenue immediately.

We accomplish this by helping great MSPs have conversations not presentations with client engagements. We focus on MSPs who want to deliver true strategy rather than just break-fix. We enable your staff to take a ‘top-down’ approach to IT strategy.

Also, instead of requiring new processes and procedures that can take months or years to implement, our framework aligns with an MSP’s existing operations to increase perceived value with clients instantly.

Our engaging personas allow you to have dynamic topic-focused conversations using your existing PSA data.

Whether you need to step into a CIO, CISO or QBR role. Our personas streamline the necessary data into a presentation that avoids analysis paralysis. This lets your clients easily see where they are and how you will improve their business.

Stop wasting time on PowerPoint presentations. Stop leaving cash on the table and losing track of opportunities with clients. Our Executive Personas, Custom Stack audits, and Client Engagement Scores ensure you know who meets with valuable contacts across all clients.


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