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Elevate Your Security Stack and Approach with Continuous Vulnerability Management

Traditional vulnerability management is outdated. It’s disruptive, resource intensive, expensive, ineffective, and complex.

Enter Nodeware® by IGI CyberLabs, the most complete vulnerability management solution on the market today. Tailored for MSPs, it features a multi-tenant dashboard, can be rolled out in under 30 minutes, scans internal and external IPs, provides a complete asset inventory, and includes deep scan information with direct links to remediation solutions. Additionally, its seamless integration with Compliance Scorecard ensures consistent and timely updates, keeping your reporting current and reliable.

Nodeware revolutionizes the traditional approach with a continuous vulnerability management solution that is not disruptive or resource intensive. Most importantly, Nodeware’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness makes it easy to deploy and manage, saving you time and money.

Strengthen Your Clients’ Security and Grow Your Business. It’s a Win-Win.

From efficient remediation to dynamic asset inventory, Nodeware was designed to address every aspect of your vulnerability management needs, so you can support your clients and grow your business. Nodeware enables you to:

  • Continuously scan vulnerabilities 24×7, including during normal business hours, with no network degradation
  • Effortlessly manage multiple networks and clients through the multi-tenant dashboard
  • Leverage flexible deployment options to monitor on-site, cloud, and remote network assets
  • Gain enhanced insights and vulnerability data of clients’ connected assets in the dynamic asset inventory
  • Access built-in remediation and patching guidance for easy resolution of vulnerabilities

Continuous vulnerability management is a critical component of every cybersecurity strategy and a requirement for cyber insurance and compliance frameworks. Contact us today to learn more about how Nodeware can enhance your cybersecurity efforts.

Partnership Overview:

With Nodeware’s vulnerability information seamlessly integrated into Compliance Scorecard, users are assured that their data is never more than 24 hours old. This capability gives MSPs confidence in the accuracy of their reports, enabling them to help their clients in fulfilling compliance and insurance requirements with certainty. Compliance Scorecard and Nodeware continue to collaborate to enhance integration and deliverables.


Always on. Always aware. Nodeware.