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We believe security should be affordable, easy-to-use, and accessible.

Senteon is a turnkey cybersecurity platform designed to empower those forgotten by large security corporations. We make securing confidential data affordable, understandable, and streamlined for small-to-mid sized businesses and MSPs.

Maintain fundamental security practices
Security configuration management hardening is a proactive approach to cybersecurity, helping organizations to mitigate potential risks and stay ahead of evolving threats.​ Senteon provides core functionality for improving fundamental security and compliance.

Analyze Problematic Settings
Utilize Senteon’s unique AI enhanced evaluation process to understand the operational impact of high priority settings. Review intentionally non-compliant settings and bring them back into alignment or accept risk for operational uptime.

  • Gain granular control over configurations
  • Make informed decisions that balance operational impact with security
  • Set up baselines uniquely tailored to suit your organization
  • Maximize security without sacrificing operational uptime

Compliance Mappings
Regulatory frameworks require baselines alongside technical security policies generalized into categories. Senteon helps understand the needs of individual regulatory frameworks and how policies translate to technical configurations. Settings are mapped to CIS Benchmarks, DISA STIGs, Implementation Groups, CIS Controls, and more

  • Understand how your settings line up with regulatory frameworks
  • Look up relevant framework categories and see how your endpoints stack up with requirements

Drift Monitoring & Remediation
Track any and all changes to managed configurations 24/7. Get alerts on any unapproved changes and automatically remediate discrepancies from the baseline.

  • Discover previously unknown and unapproved configuration changes brought about by legacy software and old or unknown processes. (E.G. Logon logoff scripts)
  • Catch potential insider threats and malicious lateral movement through unapproved setting drift.
  • Understand when a baseline falls out of alignment and ensure it is corrected before it can be abused.

Change History
Gain a comprehensive history of every managed setting on an endpoint. Record both approved in app changes and unapproved configuration drift

  • Move away from point in time vulnerability scans that leave gaps in visibility
  • Validate setting configurations and ensure that configurations are properly applied across the network.
  • Track an uninterrupted review of the current and past security of a system

Produce detailed and comprehensive reporting with current setting configurations, targeted configurations, history, and reasoning/annotations behind non-compliant decisions to provide the entire picture for a security baseline.

  • Ensure a continuous bird’s eye view of security configurations
  • Track compliance across the entire network
  • Review annotations and notes for accepted risk and track historical reasons for alignment



Improve your MSP's fundamental security and compliance with Senteon.