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Symbol Security: Security Awareness Training and Compliance Education All in One!

Symbol Security is a leader in cybersecurity education and is dedicated to improving employee awareness of cyber threats through targeted training and simulations. We offer customized programs and phishing simulations to address specific vulnerabilities, alongside compliance training to implement required measures and threat intelligence education to stay ahead of risks.

Symbol Security’s platform is purpose built to be operated by Cyber Professionals, and Managed Security Service Providers. This results in a Tailored Cyber Program that is delivered with ease. Through the engagement with Symbol’s services, your employees will learn the importance of cybersecurity education and their policies, and improve their ability to defend against cybercrime attacks while reducing the risks of costly mistakes.

Partnership Overview:

Our strategic partnership with Compliance Scorecard represents the intersection of GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance) and Cyber Awareness. The combination of these elements forms a powerful approach to Corporate Risk Reduction. Together, organizations can properly document the most accurate levels of controls and governance needed within their organization. This partnership prioritizes employee compliance and education, ensuring organizations are equipped to address the leading cyber threats impacting businesses today.


Improve Cyber Awareness. Reduce Cyber Risk.