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Overview: Want to make high margins offering a service you don’t currently offer deliverable in 48 hours with no additional headcount? Using the ComplianceAide you can.

The ComplianceAide is a disruptive, multilingual AI-driven cybersecurity SaaS platform that imitates the actions of human auditors. It guides you through cybersecurity frameworks, creates the required evidence documentation, reducing time and capital expenses for compliance from several months to just days. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), we understand that your clients’ trust is paramount. That’s why we’re offering the option of Cybersecurity Compliance as a Service – a comprehensive solution designed to safeguard your clients’ data and ensure regulatory compliance.

What problem we solve: The primary challenge identified is the struggle to keep pace with ever-changing cybersecurity regulations amidst a significant skills gap. This gap not only complicates compliance efforts but also elevates the risk of legal and reputational consequences. With ComplianceAide we will:

Align your status to your target security framework.

Assess your status control by control.

Justify why you need to meet the control or not.

Risk Treatment Plan to keep you on track and provide continuous improvement.

Produce the policies of your target framework.

All delivered in 48 hours.

How we tackle the problem: The ComplianceAide tackles this issue by leveraging the latest in AI technology to automate and simplify the compliance process without the need for a compliance expert.

What makes us different:

At a functional level, our value proposition is based on our platform’s unique ability to consume disparate forms of information from disparate types of systems and rapidly translate that input to contextual & qualitative actionable output faster than any previous platform or human team in today's marketplace.

At a technical level, our manipulation of existing NLP models and direct-structured prompting combined with our use of internally developed extended data set validation provides multiiteration persona refinements. This proprietary output has yielded unequaled quality of output including AI self-analysis free of AI hallucination effects.

At the business level, we provide the ability for even unsophisticated users to exponentially reduce the time, cost and human resource requirements required to use our platform and solve their specific challenges. Additionally, we are business vertical agnostic.

Conclusion, The ComplianceAide reduces the mean time to comply by around 70%, making savings of around 50% on a standard compliance audit. Using the latest generative AI techniques via our AI model, the platform, unlike a human, does not fatigue, resulting in greater accuracy and precision in its results.

Furthermore, you do not need to be a compliance expert to run the platform and get the evidence required to comply with your chosen standard.

To see the ComplianceAide audit watch our 2-minute video:


ISO 27001 (2022):

The ComplianceAid

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