New Rules, New Game: How Biden’s Cybersecurity Strategy Impacts MSPs

The cybersecurity world just got a major shake-up, courtesy of President Biden's latest update to the National Cybersecurity Strategy. As a Managed Service Provider, it’s critical to understand these changes—not just to stay compliant, but to seize new opportunities and bolster your defenses. Let’s take a look at what this strategy means for you and how it can transform your operations.

A New Defense Strategy in Play

Initiative 2.1.1 & 2.1.6 focus on rolling out a revamped Department of Defense (DoD) Cyber Strategy. If you're in the defense supply chain or working directly with the DoD, it's game time to align your cybersecurity frameworks to meet new DoD standards, like CMMC and NIST 800-171. Think of it as stepping up your defense to keep pace with stricter security protocols—essential for protecting your operations and staying competitive.

Healthcare’s Cybersecurity Prescription

Under Initiative 1.1.4, if you serve healthcare clients, your role just expanded. You’re not just an IT provider; you're a guardian of patient data. This means deploying cutting-edge data protection strategies and ensuring your healthcare clients surpass HIPAA regulations. Your playbook? Compliance Scorecard can assist in navigating these complex regulations, keeping your clients safe and compliant.

Simplifying Multi-Jurisdiction Compliance

Thanks to Initiative 1.1.5’s Regulatory Reciprocity Pilot Programs, MSPs operating across different states or countries could see a simplified compliance landscape. This initiative promotes the recognition of cybersecurity standards across jurisdictions, potentially easing the operational and regulatory load and allowing you to focus more on what you do best.

Educational Sector’s Cybersecurity Synergy

Initiative 1.2.6 calls MSPs to action in the educational sector. Here’s your chance to influence how educational data and infrastructures are protected. By collaborating with government bodies, you can help establish robust cybersecurity standards that safeguard educational data—a vital role in shaping safer educational environments.

Shared Cybersecurity Services Expansion

With Initiative 1.5.4, dive into shared cybersecurity services for federal systems. This could be your gateway to offering centralized, cloud-based security solutions that serve multiple federal clients efficiently and effectively, enhancing your service portfolio and revenue streams.

Cyber Supply Chain’s New Guard

Initiative 1.5.5 emphasizes the need for comprehensive supply chain risk management. For MSPs providing cloud and infrastructure services, it’s critical to integrate stringent risk assessment and mitigation strategies to protect against vulnerabilities within the supply chain.

Software Liability’s New Frontiers

Initiative 3.3.5 might reshape how you manage software risk and compliance. A potential new software liability framework could necessitate more rigorous testing and documentation, impacting your development and maintenance practices.

Cultivating a Skilled Cyber Workforce

Initiatives 4.6.2 & 4.6.3 focus on expanding the cyber workforce and adopting skills-based hiring practices. Align your hiring strategies to prioritize skills over degrees, enriching your team with diverse and adept talent ready to tackle today’s cyber challenges.

Global Cyber Norms and Compliance

For those operating internationally, Initiative 5.1.5 is a call to align with global cybersecurity norms and practices. Adjust your policies to comply with international laws and participate in securing the digital landscape across borders.

Wrapping Up

The revamped National Cybersecurity Strategy is both a set of directives and a playbook for MSPs to enhance cybersecurity measures, expand services, and drive growth. By aligning with these initiatives, you take your MSP beyond the role of service provider, becoming a strategic partner needed to thrive among complex cyber challenges. Ready to step up your game? Embrace these changes, and let’s lead the charge in securing our digital world. Contact us today to schedule a Live Demo or join Peer Group, our masterclass for all things compliance.

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